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          About Us
          Jiangsu Wanli Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1949. With its 66 years' growth, the company has developed into a production scale with more than 1000 employees and 456 million yuan of total assets, and covers an area of 350 thousand square meters. Now, the company has 7 wholly-owned or holding member companies, including Wanli Foundry, Funing Wanli, Wani Vibrating Machines, Wanli Block-making Machines, Guoxuan Wanli, Wanli New & High-tech, and Wanli Renewable Resources. Annually, the group company can produce more than 400 kinds of products in 5 fields of diesel-engine components......
          Products center
          4-cylinder 3-cylinder 2-cylinder
          Single-cylinder 135 Series New products
          Jiangsu Wanli Machinery Co.,Ltd. Copyright 2015
          Address:No. 168, Jianghai West Road, Haian Town, Haian, Jiangsu Zipcode:226600 Tel:0513-88812363 蘇ICP備05031300號